What's in a name?

Everything. Remember to name your child a short, sweet name that is easy to pronounce and that can be remembered. You may even want to throw in a couple of numbers and signs @*&% just like in a password!

Professional life

One starts a career wanting to conquer the world. I was no different, wanting to be a know-it-all. The wonderful journey and the eye-opening learning experience changed my perspective radically. I now strive to be a student of all things useful!

Interesting journey

If I were to focus on one subject in my career, it’d be digital content publishing. What made it interesting was the journey from journalism and publishing in the pre-digital age to publishing for tablets and smart phones with stops on the way that lingered over advertising, marketing, analytics, business analysis, graphic and web design, and journalism.

Zero print

If you were to ask me about a particular challenge, it was in finding a solution to the corporate diktat of ‘Zero Print’. Though noble in its concept of reducing corporate [print] emissions, how do you move hundreds of corporate PDF documents to mobile devices?

Integrated publishing

The ideal solution is integrated publishing; loosely, the concept is to centralize all content and push it to different devices. This is the long term solution. In the short term, the challenge was to convert PDFs into readable publications on mobile devices with minimal costs and a short timeframe. The solution? Call me!

Madhav Kochunni
Call: 647-989-2196
Write: madhav.kochunni@gmail.com

  • Digital content management and publishing 85%
  • Creative strategy and direction 80%
  • Software platforms, Content Management Systems 90%

Recent career highlights

Technology, publishing, content, marketing

  • Designed and developed digital platform for publishing corporate and marketing materials to multiple native apps on both Apple App and Android Play stores.
  • Design, develop, and manage digital assets; content management and updates on multiple web content management platforms [SharePoint, WordPress]
  • Researching and adopting new digital trends
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Email marketing, development of email templates
  • Development of marketing campaigns

eMarketing Manager, ivari

September 2015 – Present:- ivari, Toronto
  • Combining technical knowledge with marketing concepts
  • Designed and implemented mobile [public and enterprise] apps for marketing publications
  • Implemented interactive digital publications
  • Created best practices and workflow for publishing digital content to mobile platforms
  • Created brand style guide, help videos for mobile apps
  • Part of team that helped implement WordPress in a corporate environment
  • Content management and updates on multiple platforms (WordPress, SharePoint, Silverpop, Salesforce)

eMarketing Manager

August 2012 – August 2015:- Transamerica Life Canada, Toronto
  • Managing digital assets; mobile, ePUB, Adobe DPS; AODA compliance
  • Web content publisher; UI developer for digital publications and mobile sites
  • Develop marketing and communications strategies
  • Innovation ambassador
  • Introduced interactive charts, graphs, maps, and infographics to accentuate numbers; Use of color and graphics to enliven numbers

Business Systems Analyst

July 2009 – August 2012:- Transamerica Life Canada, Toronto
  • Business Analysis:- Worked on various transformational projects as BSA, designer, and QA; provided support to inter-departmental SharePoint sites; redesigned two corporate websites; designed and created multiple interactive projects; took part in employee engagement intitiatives; followed the SDLC process under waterfall and agile methodologies. Documented RFP, DSDs; and BRDs for multiple projects
  • Design & Development:- Restructured and re-designed and developed multiple corporate sites and interactive modules
  • Publishing:- Editor of Flash News, an IT quarterly publication


  • Adobe CC – Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, Premier Pro, Digital Publishing Suite, Illustrator CC, Edge Animate, Muse, Flash Professional
  • Content Management Systems – WordPress, SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2007, SDL Tridion
  • Other – Multimedia, HTML5, Mag+, FlippingBook Publisher, Salesforce
  • Analytics – HBX Analytics, WebTrends, Google Analytics, Localytics
  • Email marketing – Silverpop

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What’s in a name

Two weeks ago I was peacefully watching TV when the phone rang. It was a 1-800 number. Usually I do not pick up marketing calls. That day I was indulgent. I took the call. "Hello", I put on my booming, deep, scary voice. A female voice spoke back to me in a high...

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Holiday blues!

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What’s bugging me?

The flu virus! Physically not yet. The quandary began with the onset of the flu season and advertisements that flustered even the most resolute. This constant bombarding triggered the fear factor which I had, over decades, hidden under layers of positive thoughts....