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... professional path

One starts a career wanting to conquer the world. I was no different, wanting to be a know-it-all. The wonderful journey and the eye-opening learning experience changed my perspective radically. I now strive to be a student of all things useful!
If I were to focus on one subject in my career, it'd be creating and managing digital content. What made it interesting was the journey from journalism and publishing in the pre-digital age to publishing for tablets and smart phones with stops on the way that lingered over advertising, marketing, analytics, business analysis, graphic and web design, and journalism.
Zero print
If you were to ask me about a particular challenge, it was in finding a solution to the corporate diktat of 'Zero Print'. Though noble in its concept of reducing corporate [print] emissions, how do you move hundreds of corporate PDF documents to mobile devices?
The ideal solution is integrated publishing; loosely, the concept is to centralize all content and push it to different devices. This is the long term solution. In the short term, the challenge was to convert PDFs into readable publications on mobile devices with minimal costs. The solution? Call me!

... personal life

"My father, in an unguarded moment of his life, bestowed on me a long name...teachers bicycled from one end to the other to read it in full...I patiently listened to telemarketers wrestle with it... (snail) mail addressed to me had characters falling off the edge of the envelope...." rest of the story...

... learning curve

eMarketing Manager, ivari

September 2015 - Present:- ivari, Toronto

eMarketing Manager

August 2012 - August 2015:- Transamerica Life Canada, Toronto
Digital publishing - substantial savings in publishing marketing materials Make numbers fun and readable

Business Systems Analyst

July 2009 – August 2012:- Transamerica Life Canada, Toronto

2001 – 17 April 2009:- Conquest Vacations, Toronto

Senior Web Designer

2004 – 2005 (part-time):- Lucid Options, Toronto

Creative Project Leader

2000 – 2001:- Telespectrum Canada, Toronto

Customer Care Representative

Senior Copywriter, Creative Direction, Client Manager

1995 – 1999:- Advertising & Marketing Consultants, Dubai

Copywriter, Senior graphic designer

1992 – 1995:- Multitec Advertising, Dubai


1991:- Kshetra Advertising, India

Chief Sub-Editor

September 1985 – November 1990:- Business World Magazine, India


December 1983 – June 1985:- Onlooker Magazine, India

Learning ...

    Passion: Storytelling, Finding solutions, Continuous learning